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Our MeiCook company is based in Berlin. We use state-of-the-art technology to produce hot dogs. We believe that by automating the cooking process, we can provide better-quality, fully hygienic and more affordable food. The quality of hot dogs and customer satisfaction are our first priority. We are only working with trusted sausage producers who have years of experience and a good reputation in the sausage production field. We guarantee the high quality of the sausages cooked in our machine. The most part of the cooking process in our hot dog vending machine is transparent. The sausages are fresh, and they are changed daily. As for the machine, it gets monitored 24 hours a day, and it is cleaned daily. Our machines operate round-the-clock and are always available to serve you at any time. Should you have any query, you can contact us 24/7.

What makes the MeiCook outstanding is the cutting-edge technology it uses to produce hot dogs. Due to this, the cooking process is fast, hygienic and tailored to your demands. People spend approximately 6 months of their lives waiting in line to buy things: we will not make you wait, and you will get your tasty hot dog within seconds.

We are working hard to also serve our vegetarian customers and soon we will produce our first vegetarian hot dog.

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Clean And Hygienic

Eating in restaurants doubles your risk of getting sick because of low hygienic conditions and the uncleanliness of fast food restaurant employees. Our 100% automated hot-dog cooking process will provide you fully hygienic food.

It Takes Seconds...

People spend approximately 6 months of their lives waiting in line to buy things: we will not make you wait anymore, and you will get your tasty hot-dog within seconds.

Sausages Are Changed Every Few Hours

We care about our customers and we refill the sausages every few hours. Whereas, in fast food restaurants sausages are usually changed weekly.

Hot-dogs Gets Cooked After Your Order

Sausages in the machine are raw, so they get cooked only after your order. The whole machine is transparent, allowing you to follow the cooking process.

Your Health And Safety Are Our Priority

The food safety, freshness and your satisfaction are our first priority. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are responsible for the food produced by our cooking machine, and we will be with you at any time you need us.

The Best Quality For The Best Price

We only use the highest quality sausages produced by high profile companies. By automating almost the whole process, we are able to offer you a great product at a great price. A hot-dog will not cost more than 2.50 €.

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Zero Risk

Zero Risk

There is no binding contract. You can cancel the contract any time if you think it does not meet your expectations.


Zero Cost

We provide our innovative hot dog vending machines fully free. The installation and maintenance are completely free of charge.


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